Droid pro experience in Israel anyone?


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Dec 2, 2010
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I'll be traveling to Israel soon and was wondering if anyone has any Droid Pro experience in Israel? As I understand it, Israel has both CDMA and GSM networks with 3G covering the entire country. My phone is not rooted. Here are my questions:

1) To avoid the high Verizon charges, as I understand it, I purchase and install a SIM card when I get there? I've never used a different SIM card before - what exactly do I do? Do I need to change any software settings?
2) Does the SIM card get me data usage too? Download my emails?
3) Does it give me a new phone number?
4) Can I text?
5) Any knowledge of SIM cards to get - networks there?

1. You will need to contact Verizon and have them give you the SIM unlock code before you will be able to use another SIM card with the phone.

2. Not sure on data. What you will be able to use once in Israel will depend on the carrier from whom you get the SIM card. They may offer data, they may not....not sure.

3. You will get a new phone number once the SIM card activated I believe.

4. Again, depends on the service options that are purchased along with the SIM card...but more than likely yes.

5. No idea....have no clue of local carriers in Israel....

Good luck.
I roamed (did not get an Unlock Code) because my firm paid for me to be available while I was on vacation. Droid Pro was flawless except the battery only lasted about 1/2 a day.

From past experience you can rent a SIM card from Cellcom or Orange with data included on a monthly basis.

Incoming calls are free on Israel SIM cards. Texts and Outgoing calls cost more than in the US.

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