How to copy Mp3's and PLAYLISTS directly from an IPOD to Droid.


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Aug 17, 2010
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This is for people who are missing mp3 on the computer that are on an ipod or who don't store any of the Mp3's at all on the computer. If there are other playlists already on the Droid, they may need to be deleted first then recreated.

If you just want to group multiple songs into one playlist without going through each one follow steps 1 - 6 and 8 -16.

1. Download Media Monkey if you haven't already.

2. Connect Droid with USB Connection option set.

3. In Windows create a folder called "Music" in your root of your SD card.

4. Create a folder called "Playlist" in your "Music" folder.

5. In the Music Folder create folders for Group of songs associated to your playlist... ie "Rock", "Classical", "Techno"...

5. Connect your Ipod to the computer.

6. While the Droid and Ipod is connected to the computer open Media Monkey.

7. Click into your Ipod drop down then click on your

"Playlists" drop down (click the "+")

8. Becasue the Ipod saves Mp3s as four letter files you need to maintain the same Name for the droid. To do that Highlight all the songs you want transfered then: Right Click: > Send To.. > Folder (RIP Convert) > (Droid drive letter, ie F:\) > Music > (playlist folder).

9. Verify "Convert track(s) to new destination is checked and all the Output Files are checked and format is set to MP3 (this will convert .M4A files to Mp3 as well).

10. Click Ok. This will start converting and Copying files over to your Music folder. *Note... this may take some time for large amounts of files.

11. Repeat steps 8 -10 for other playlists.

12. After the transfer is complete click into your Droid drop down then click on your: Music\<Playlist Folder> drop down (click the "+").

13. You should see all the songs listed. Next highlight all the songs and right click on them, then click: > Send to... > Export as m3u playlist.

14. Select: Droid drive letter > Music > Playlists.

15. Name the Playlist and then click "save".

16. Repeat for remaining folders/playlists.

Repeat steps 8 - 14 for other playlists.

17. Unmount the Droid and open then music player. You may need to switch to albums then back to playlists for it to recognize it.

I forgot to mention if you have a lot of playlist and a lot of songs, after you unmount the Driod the lists may not appear right away. Give it some time, a lot of time, for the Driod to recognize the new songs a lists.
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I registered just to say thank you! This is working like a charm. Unfortunately one of my four playlists has over 500 songs in it so its taking awhile but I am cool with that since its working! Thank you again. I must say though if your Artist and Album and Track name Tags are messed up and missing in anyway this would not work so well as the output file name uses the current tags to dictate the file name. Luckily Mine are in order.
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Media Monkey is the best . . . thanks for the tip.