How to automatically connect to bluetooth device?


Apr 10, 2010
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When I attached my Droid to the car dock, it automatically connected to my bluetooth speaker (I used an app from the market to automatically turn on bluetooth when the car dock app started), and I've set up Smart Actions to start bluetooth automatically when the car dock activates, but it only notifies me that there's a bluetooth device available and never automatically connects. Is there any way to do it? There's no other bluetooth devices available. It was nice to not have the Maxx constantly trying to connect to every bluetooth device on the list like the Droid did (even devices out of range) until it connected, but I'd love to be able to have it automatically connect to at least devices I specify for that, preferably with a priority to each device.

Also, I couldn't find a way to do anything in Smart Actions when I disconnect from car dock; usually when it attaches I want Wifi disabled and bluetooth enabled, then the opposite when I detach.