How Secure Is Easy Tether Pro


Mar 15, 2011
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Just got Easy Tether Pro setup and am wondering about the safety of my secure sites (banking, retirement, etc.). Was all set to cancel my broadband but I,m concerned about safety logging into these sites from my Android connection. Is it safe?
Easy Tether Pro Security

We are having the same concerns. We currently still have our broadband at our house active. We use the Easy Tether Pro while on the boat in the marina, but I still go home monthly and use the wifi and cable connection to pay bills. I wrote Mobile Stream and asked them how secure the connection was and the response I got was:

"EasyTether just passes the traffic without inspecting or changing it.
When you connect to secure (https://) sites, standard higher-level TLS and SSL protocols are used to encrypt and authenticate your traffic."

Not sure what this means, but I am still wary of using Easy Tether Pro to pay bills, etc.
Unless you guy are paying verizon to use their hotspot app, this is illegal. There have been alot of warnings against tethering. A few people in the community have gotten data canceled on their accounts and also a $350 fine. So good luck if i were you i would stop tethering and keep your broadband.