How much have you used?

30 GB when I was tethering my og droid. This was like 2 years ago while I was waiting for internet to get installed in my apartment.
Around 4gb a month but 3gb of that is wifi.

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Month to month is different for me. I went to a wedding in NY around two weeks ago. Took some 1080p vids, and was uploading them to my mom who couldn't go. There was like 10 or so vids, and it was around like 3ish+GB. Use LTE to upload them, and it handled them like a champ!

Right now I'm around 8GB for the month.
I can't believe it... I've only used 2gb and I have unlimited. It has been a low month!
Most I ever used was 13gb and that was my 1st full month of Nexus ownership.
Just hit 10GB this month. Home internet has been AWFUL this week (they're doing mergers and upgrades) so it's going in and out all the time. Luckily my Bionic is a champ, and LTE is being a great substitute.
I doubt I've ever gone over 1 gig.

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I usually use 2 or 3 gb with unlimited plan

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