How much *free* Cloud Space do you have?

Google Drive-15GB
I may also have some ASUS storage space as well. I forgot about Box.
OneDrive is now 1TB. Bit the bullet & signed up for Office 365. Not sure if you can call that free, but you know...

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I was transferring photos to drive so I could put them on my new device and on their website they offered me 100 gb. I guess I have 115gb
I've attached a picture of how much free space I have.

I just researched it and I guess it's I lay a deal for HTC m8 owners.
I'm not sure how much space I have. I don't use the cloud very often and when I do it is my ancient Dropbox account to share a file.

No cloud music. No cloud photos. No cloud documents. No cloud password accounts...

I don't like the cloud and will always prioritize access to local storage first.