How much *free* Cloud Space do you have?


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Jan 25, 2010
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Just curious. The 2GB FREE on Google Drive made me think of it. I have a ridiculous amount of free space.

  • Maxed out DropBox Free by "Inviting" all my coworkers - 18.5 GB
  • Google Drive 15 GB - should be 17 soon
  • One Drive - 15 GB
  • Box had a short promotion about a year ago - 50 GB
  • I think I have an Asus Webstorage account... never used...
For a total of 98.5 GB.
(I'm actually over the DB Free Limit because I got a free bump when DropBox bought... can't even remember the name... the company that had the online Microsoft App Service you could use on your tablet).

This is getting ridiculous...

Oh, and when I went to check my OneDrive account I was asked if I wanted to sign up for Bing Rewards and get 100GB of free space for 2 years. I can't find that original page now. Odd. I go to OneDrive, no mention. Go to Bing Rewards, no mention. But Google it shows I wasn't losing my mind...


I'm actually going to pass on that. I never sign up for Cloud Space that is "temporary"...
I have 25Gb with Google. I don't use any other.
Too much! I have 10 with one drive, 65 with google drive, 15 with Dropbox, another 8? With amazon....
I have a 512mb flash drive....does that count?

Seriously though, I have 65gb through DropboX, 5 through Drive, 5 through Samsung & 5 through Verizon. I currently only use DB.

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2.5gb Dropbox, 40gb Drive, 5gb Verizon, 5gb with Amazon Prime, 15gb with Box, and 55gb with Copy.
I should consolidate all into copy as its the main one I use now...
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Unlimited with Amazon Prime though that'll drop to 10GB when I let Prime run out.
10GB Photobucket
54GB Dropbox
65GB Copy
50GB Box
Unlimited photo storage with Walgreens
Don't remember how much photo storage with Snapfish.
Unknown with Drive cuz I've never used it.
There may be others I've forgotten.

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Do you guys pay for more space on Dropbox?
Free DropBox 50+ GB
Free Box 50+ GB
Free OneDrive 15GB
Free GoogleDrive 15GB
Free Cubby 5GB

Access to my NAS, on the road, priceless.;)
I had 50+ GB with Dropbox but they let me know when my 2 years was up that I was going to have to purchase to keep all that space, so I backed off all my pictures I had stored so I didn't have to pay for it. Perhaps I'm missing a promotion somewhere because I really like Dropbox but think their premium service is a bit pricey.
Do you guys pay for more space on Dropbox?
My extra on Dropbox was free because I bought a Note8, the extra 40 on Box was free because I was a very early user, had actually forgotten I had it and the extra on Copy is for referring friends when it was brand new and they had that program going of 5 extra GB for every referral and they have the referee an extra as well.

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For a limited time you can get 100GB of space from Microsoft (OneDrive) by signing into Bing Rewards. I think it's for 2 years but who knows how much space will be available after 2 years, Everybody is getting in on the free space. You can get extra space on Google Drive for a limited time by doing a complete security check. Same deal.

One more thing. This app from Sandisk SanDisk Memory Zone - Android Apps on Google Play will tell you at a glance how much cloud storage you have.