How does an OTA rootkeeper really work


Sep 28, 2011
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Just educating myself based on curiosity.

Say I have a stock VzW ICS Bionic (which I do)
- I root the phone using the method
- I continue to use the stock ICS ROM from VzW, leaving bloatware and stuff ther
thus allowing me to continue to successfully receive OTA
- an OTA comes, gets installed, and I'm told I will lose root because of the OTA.

Now what. if the OTA wiped out root. How does an OTA rootkeeper change/restore those root system files
to re-allow root access?

Secondary question, some rootkeepers allow a temp un-root. What are some reasons or purposes for doing that?
what does temp really mean. its temporary until to click the button until the "temp" is turned off. Or its temp until
the next soft reset. What does "temp" really mean.

Thanks folks for the thoughts


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Dec 2, 2009
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I believe it wrights the needed files to you sd card for root and to unroot and than rights them back depending on what you are requesting it to do. Somebody that knows better may chime in and give a better explanation of the actual process.

The purpose of un rooting is some apps will not install or update if the phone is rooted. It is a lame way of trying to keep people from rooting and changing settings to do other things the cell companies don't agree with.

Temporary unroot until you turn root back on, or wipe the files of the sd card.

I have used it on two diffrent phones to keep root while installing the leaked ics & the ota ics since i rooted 905