Error 7 on JB Update from ICS Root


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Oct 26, 2011
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Error 7 on JB Update from ICS Root {On JB, but lost root with Rootkeeper?}

First, I will qualify with the fact that I do in fact have Voodoo installed with root protected. Now, I have tried downloading secondary zip files and even the OTA update itself. For some reason, the update will simply not take. I get Error 7 even after I have done a full factory reset. Any ideas on how I can get this update to push through? I was under the impression that if I had accidentally deleted bloatware (which I may have), a factory reset would put the crap back.

I hear the system gets a massive overhaul in performance and has far less freezing (thank God). I also ordered the extended battery due to it consuming more battery life (and I'd like a little assurance that I can get completely through a day).

UPDATE: I did get Jellybean onto my droid by XFZ'ding ICS back onto it, rooted it, downloaded Voodoo Rootkeeper OTA and savedroot. After the update, everything works fine except root. I restored from Rootkeeper and thought it says restored and I have Superuser, applications cannot request su permissions. I updated Superuser as well to no avail. Any ideas guys? Am I missing something simple? I thought it would work. :/

I went to Superuser's update console (which is outside of the marketplace), and it fails to gain root. What did I do wrong and is there a way I can fix this? I know going back to ICS is not an option.
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Aug 16, 2012
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A factory reset will not replace the bloat you deleted. You'll need to sbf/fxz or whatever its called for the bionic.

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