How can I make my apps more stable?


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Feb 23, 2012
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I use Run-log daily with either SiriusXM or Pandora to listen to while I run. More often than not one of the applications, or both, will simply stop working and need to be re-initiated. Needless to say this is aggravating and does not help keep accurate mileage of your run. And then some days it works just fine. I have tried giving my Droid a fresh reboot prior to starting my run, which does not seem to affect positively or negatively. Any ideas?
Welcome. I've use an app called Mr. Nice Guy by soapbox which allows you to set priorities for apps so they won't get killed due to not running in the foreground.
Welcome to Droid Forums Rhinoman!! Check out Droid-Xer's suggestion and let us know how you make out.
Welcome to the site. Hope this idea worked for you. DancingNexus
Hello and welcome! Hopefully DXer's tip helped to solve your issue ;)...