How to make a running dock with Tasker and an Armband

Big Lou

Dec 3, 2009
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Hey guys, I came up with a great combination of modification and app settings that are a runner's dream. It's a running dock that automatically sets your Droid up for a run! Here's how it works.

First, these are my supplies. If you have similar items, I'm sure they would work just fine.

- Obviously I have a Droid
- Belkin Lillian Dual-Fit Armband Case for iPod touch 2G, 3G (Black): Electronics
- Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset (Black)[Retail Packaging]: Cell Phones & Accessories
- Magnet Button (the flatter the better)

The two main components of this setup is making the dock and setting up Tasker profiles. I first took my sport armband (highly recommend the one I linked) and placed my Droid in it. Taking the magnet, I moved it around the back until it pulled up the desk dock mode (you can do this for car dock mode, too, but I use that daily and so didn't want to disable it). Mark the best spot on the back of the armband for the magnet and glue it down with hot glue. Once it dries, test out the spot to make sure it opens the correct dock (there are a few millimeters between the car and desk dock sensors).


The next step was to set up tasker profiles for the dock. Here's what I have:

New Profile > State > Docked > Desk (or Car if that's what you prefer)
- New Task > App > Load App > SportsTracker Pro (or whatever running app you use)
- New Task > Audio > Media Volume > Level 13
- New Task > Misc > GPS > GPS On
- New Task > Display > Keyguard > Keyguard Off
- New Task > Net > Bluetooth > Bluetooth On
- New Exit Task > Misc > GPS > GPS On
- New Exit Task > Net > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Off

You can stop here, but I wanted full integration with my bluetooth headset. I like listening to Pandora while running so I made another profile for this:

New Profile > State > Bluetooth Connected > Address (make sure you've paired prior to this and select your headset in the Address popup)
- New Task > App > Load App > Pandora (or whatever music app you prefer)
- New Exit Task > App > Kill App > Pandora

So, when I'm getting ready for a run, I slip my Droid into the armband which turns on the dock settings I created. It loads up my running app, turns GPS and Bluetooth on, and gets my media audio to the level I like listening to. I then turn on my bluetooth headset which automatically connects because it has been previously paired. When this connects, my phone boots up Pandora which plays my running station. When I'm done, I turn off my headset which kills Pandora and then returns me to my running app. I can then close the app and remove my Droid from the dock.

One thing I'm going to add as soon as I learn how is enabling text messages to be read out loud through my bluetooth headset (as long as I'm not on the phone).

Sure hope this inspires someone to do the same!