Hopes for unlockable Verizon Nexus 6 boot loader


Apr 8, 2013
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Los Angeles
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Google Nexus 6
The point of a Nexus device is to have a device that comes strictly from the people who make the Android OS, in this case its Google. Basically, the Nexus is the iPhone of Android. If Nexus devices are "pure source code" it shouldn't be that hard to unlock or root the device. From a geek's point of view, the point of a Nexus device is to hack it and mod it all you want. But if Verizon locks the boot loader then what's the point of buying a Nexus device? At least you can still get fast Android updates but Nexus devices are supposed to be "easy to hack." Because the Nexus 6 doesn't have an SD card slot, I need root so I can use a micro SD card reader and make the phone read external storage.
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