High Tech Luggage Named 'Barracuda' Worth Checking Out on Kickstarter


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Sometimes we have to go off the beaten path to offer you guys something unique and interesting in the tech world. It may be off topic for an Android forum, but we know you folks live technology in general, so when we find something unusual and cool we feel compelled to share it.

That is what we have with the "Barracuda" luggage currently on Kickstarter. What makes this luggage stand out is that it's brilliantly designed and has some truly tech-friendly features. In fact, the design is so brilliant we are surprised no one has thought of it before. Here's a quick snippet description of the Barracuda,

Barracuda is the first fully collapsible carry-on hard side luggage with built-in tray, USB charger, GPS, easy-open flap and ergonomic swivel handle.

Check out the video above for all of the details, and here is the Kickstarter link for even more info (and to back the project if you like it): Barracuda Collapsible Luggage Tray GPS USB Charger by Barracuda Kickstarter

What do you guys think of this high-tech luggage? Are there any active travelers on the forums who will take advantage of this handy haversack?
That is a pretty cool idea - kudos to them! It is also cool to see that they have exceeded their goal as well!
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Very cool!
If I recall correctly, I saw a similar item on Shark Tank not too long ago.

S5 tap'n
Wish I traveled to justify this purchase. At least the $150 tier seems quite reasonable when compared to similar products with less functionality.