OUYA on KickStarter; An Android Powered Gaming Console & More for $99 Bucks

I have such high hopes for this. i WILL buy it on release, if only to support them. Can you imagine the emulator market exploding if this took off? The NDS emulator that fell by the wayside could pick back up, possibly PS2/xbox/GC? more ports of PC games? i LOVE open source
This is so cool. I am definitely getting one. I wonder how they will preform graphics wise
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maybe if this story would be on the other forums it would help get things rolling sooner since they tend to have more overall traffic like rootzwiki and xda
(sorry DF, i still think this is the best forum site as far as the people go, its just a shame it doesnt get more attention like rootz and xda)
Investors don't usually read forums/tech blogs (DF's, Rootz, XDA, Endgadget etc etc) As you can see they met their goal very quickly. People won't even give devs a $1.00 for their ROMS. If it was left to us or the other tech forums to get them their funding they would be sitting there with $.50 in their account :)