OUYA Android Game Console Kickstarter Project Zooms Past $2.5 Million in 24 hours


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Dec 30, 2010
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Apparently there are a lot of folks who are really excited about the OUYA gaming console idea that we shared with you guys yesterday. The Android gaming console startup was attempting to secure about $950,000 dollars for their project. When we posted our story on the device (before almost all other internet publications) right here on DroidForums.net, it only had less than a third of that total. Now, in less than 24 hours, the amazing "little" Kickstarter project was picked up by publications across the web and has already rocketed past $2.5 Million pledged funding! In fact, the project actually hit $2 Million in less than 12 hours!

This came as such a shock to the company, that they sent out an email asking folks who pledged money to help them develop their "stretch goals." Basically, this is business speak for (and this is my paraphrase), "We received way more money than we anticipated and perhaps should set some loftier goals. We would like your feedback and suggestions on what other cool directions we can take this project." As of the time of this publication, they have just over $2.7 Million pledged. That's a great problem to have...

Source: KickStarter - OUYA
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