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Dec 30, 2010
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We have an exciting story to share with you guys today! Wugfresh, one of our amazing developers here at DroidForums.net, just launched a KickStarter project for a very impressive idea. It's called Capsules.io, and its concept aims to blur the lines between our digital world and the physical one. He and his team have been working on this project for a year now, and it's an intriguing take on the idea that we can interact with digital objects based upon our physical location in the world. Capsules.io uses GPS-positioned virtual containers, called capsules. These capsules can be dropped at any real world location, with the intent to create a virtual exclusive community based upon proximity access.


The idea is that you can leave these virtual capsules in locations where friends, family, connected customers, (or really anyone you want), can access whatever virtual capsule you want to leave for them. The best part is that because it is digital, this capsule is far more than just a location file. It can be anything from a set of pictures, to an audio file, to a movie or much more. To make it even more interesting, these capsules can be set to restrict visibility for only your friends, or require a password to open them. You can even decide specifically who can pick them up or move them to different locations. It's like leaving virtual treasure chests floating around the world for your friends and family to find!


It goes even deeper than that, too. It isn't necessarily just designed for fun and games between friends. It could easily be an effective information system for businesses as well. The capsules could provide location information, maps, or a digital bulletin board and much more. The mind boggles at the possibilities this presents!

Wugfresh and his team of geniuses didn't just stop there either. They included an incredible yet simple host of features to truly flesh out this concept. There's a Discovery Engine that helps you find capsules. There is a system set up to help you manage capsules by assigning them to categories like "carrying, "dropped" or "starred." Furthermore, each capsule can be identified by a customized capsule avatar and can contain capsule components. There is simply a stunning array of capabilities built into the concept. It definitely looks like an exciting project to check out on KickStarter, and we are proud to help the team showcase their new idea!

Be sure to check it out at the KickStarter link here: KickStarter - Capsules.io

We also have some more concept pics in the thread below. Sound off and let us know what sort of amazing things you can think of to do with this cool idea!
Here is the full press release and some more concept pics and renders for the Capsules.io Kickstarter project. Their current goal is a paltry $60,000, and we are confident they will hit that goal easily.





Capsules.io - a new digital dimension.

The location-based platform for fusing our web with the physical world.

May 28th, 2014: Startup Capsules.io has just revealed their project to the world. Utilizing GPS-positioned virtual containers, their platform expedites the natural evolution of the web, integrating digital content directly into our physical world. These virtual containers, called capsules, can be dropped at any location, creating an exclusive community whereby only those in proximity have access.

Capsules can house any type of digital content such as pictures, messages, videos, music, or websites. Beyond their core function to store content at GPS locations, you can also add an array extensions to alter their behavior and capabilities. Among other things, you can restrict visibility to just your friends, require a password to open a capsule, or decide who can pick them up or move them to different locations.

CEO, William Koch, stated the company plans to release a developer API to provide the community with the freedom and tools needed to further expand the platform. The developer framework will allow capsules to run sandboxed environments for games or other special applications.

Due to the highly flexible nature of this platform and customization options, capsules have a wide range of uses. They can serve as eternal digital time capsules for preserving content, information hubs for publishing content directly to relevant locations, virtual bulletin boards for locally exchanging files, or hidden digital treasure chests in the physical world. They are entirely new vessels for sharing, discovering, and enjoying multimedia where ever we go. With capsules, the entire planet becomes an accessible and interactive digital playing field.

The team has just initiated a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds they need to launch this project into the full-fledge service they envision. They have developed a prototype for Android but now need funds to cover storage costs, additional personnel, and to port it to other platforms such as iOS.

Check out their campaign here. [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/capsulesio/capsulesio-a-new-digital-dimension] ###
If you’d like more information about Capsules.io, or to schedule an interview with Doug please email [email protected] or send the team a Tweet @capsulesio.
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What an intriguing concept. I wish the team luck with their project.
This is very cool. It's like turbo-charged geocaching. Great idea!
Yeah, CK. It also reminds me of an amped up version of Foursquare, but with a great deal more functionality. This idea is huge! I can't wait to see what they do with it!
Everything sounds good in the development phase but you know whats going to happen...I'll show you whats going to happen
Cool idea but they are asking for way to little funding, the costs to actually implement this would be huge, my guess is they are trying for a small/limited release as a proof of concept so they can cash out and sell to a company with the resources to actually launch such a thing, can easily see Google going for something like this (kind of surprised they haven't done this already, it's really the next evolution of + or Now or whatever the hell it's called now).