Hi~Feel like a complete moron~Calendar Issues


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Jan 5, 2010
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Have the new droid and discovered after viewing this site that ICAL will not sync with it, nor will ICAL sync with google calendar, but google calendar will sync with ICAL. So after working through all of that and putting all my ICAL information on to google calendar, I am still having issues. I created a google calendar, and created 4 categories within it. However, 2 sync with the corporate calendar on the droid, one doesn't sync at all, and one goes on the regular calendar on the droid. I could care less which one they go to but I need all my appt on one calendar. My categories are gmail, bill pay, Personal, Work. Work goes to corporate calendar, gmail goes to other calendar, bill pay is not anywhere and neither is personal (personal are all marked as all day). I have spent hours trying to figure this out! Please help.