Calendar: Repeating event sync problem


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Mar 29, 2010
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Cincinnati, OH
I have my thunderbolt's calendar set to sync with my google calendar where I have several calendars that run my life - I had a D1 for over a year and had the same setup, never any problems, however the TB has one issue I can't figure out (which might just be a bug):

If I edit events in my google calendar from a source that isn't the TB (i.e. online from a comp or iCal, which I also have synced), any events that i add to my calendar will show up perfectly, no problems.

I'm also fairly certain, unless its just a fluke, that single (non repeating) events, delete from the phone properly when deleted elsewhere.

However, when i delete a single event that is part of a repeating event series, either online or in iCal, the event will not delete from the phone's calendar. Example: my class schedule on googlecal: i have a class that occurs every monday and wednesday morning and the event is repeat configured to do so. However if i go online or in iCal and delete a single class that has been canceled from that string, it does not delete from TB's calendar.

Every other function seems work / sync in both directions between iCal, Google Calendar Online Desktop & Google Calendar Online Mobile, I just can't get the phone to auto delete single events in repeating strings when they're deleted elsewhere.

anyone have any thoughts on what's going on or how to correct this, or is it just a bug that I have to write off until an update?
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