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Apr 6, 2010
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I just got the Droid 3 via a warranty replacement of my OG Droid and I'm a little frustrated setting this phone up.

Firstly, I can not for the life of me figure out how to set emails to vibrate only while having a ringtone for text messages. I understand that I can set specific ringtones for notifications from within a specific app, but no such options exist within my gmail app. I open gmail -> menu button -> more -> settings -> my account -> and then I scroll to the bottom where "Notification settings" is but the only option is to enable/disable "Email notifications" and an option for which 'labels' to be notified about. There is no way I can find to change the ringtone or set the ringtone to vibrate only from within the gmail app on the Droid 3.

I then thought to set all notifications to vibrate only and then set the text messaging application to a specific ringtone. But through the main menu -> sound -> Notification ringtone, there is no option for 'none' or 'vibrate only'. Am I completely missing something? How do I set gmail to vibrate only and allow a ringtone for text messaging?

Another huge issue I'm having is with haptic feedback. I turned it off but the phone is still vibrating every time I type. It's driving me insane, I hate haptic feedback, specially when it's so exaggerated. Why is it still on when I disabled it?

Please help me with these Settings issues guys!
Hi BoostHungry,

You did not state, so I a presuming that you are using both the stock Gmail app and the stock Messaging app and will respond based on these two apps.

I went through the setting for Gmail and I could not identify a setting for vibrate. The only options listed in the settings for Gmail is Email notification - to notify in the task bar.

In the setting for text messaging, under the notification settings, there is a 'Select Ringtone'. This is where you select the desired ringtone for text messaging. You can also turn the vibration on and off for text messaging here.

I hope I was able to provide some assistance.
Thank you for your reply. Yes everything im using is completely stock. What you have stated is what I have observed.

So assuming I can manually adjust text messaging ringtones, how can I set all notifications to vibrate only?
Here are a few options:

I know you can do only vibrations for text messaging by setting the text messaging ringtone to Silent and enabling vibrate in the Text Messaging Settings. As for all notifications, there is no Silent option but you can try setting the Notification volume to the lowest.

As for haptic feedback when using the keyboard, you have to go to Settings -> Language & Keyboard -> Multi-touch Keyboard -> Disable Vibrate on Keypress. The Haptic-feedback selection in Sound settings only apply to the four soft-touch buttons.