How to turn off notification ringtone?


Nov 14, 2009
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I do not want a tone when I get e-mail. But do want a tone when I receive texts. Could do this on my Moto Droid, but not on the Droid 3.

In my Sound Settings, tapping Notification Ringtone only gives me choices of ring tones, no choice to turn it off. Am I blind?

If I could do that, then I know I can set a ringtone in the settings under Text Messaging.

Can anyone help?
You can set up a ringtone in the settings for your phone in the sound settings. However if you use Gmail for emails you can select menu>more>settings>select ringtone and can change it there. It's set to default ringtone (the one you selected from android settings) as default but all the ring tones are there. Not sure if that helps but its what i did so my emails are different from texts.
Darksthour is correct. In the system settings, you have the default ringtone/notification tone, which all apps will use by default. Then each program that uses a notification tone should also have its own tone settings. On my D1, I had one tone for texts, one for gmail, another for corporate mail, and a fourth for default.

To change the tone for an app, openthe app, press the menu button, and go to settings. In the settings menu, there should be options to change the notification tone, and whether or not the phone vibrates with notification. For no notification tone, choose "silent", which should always be at the top of the list. Wash, rinse, repeat for each app you wish to silence or give its own tone for. Hope this helps :)
Thanks for that. However I have done that, and it does not solve my issue. My new Droid 3 does not have a choice of "silent" in the: Settings - Sounds - Notification Ringtone. It only lists the tone choices - nothing says "silent", or similar.

I want all notifications to be silent, except I can go into Text Messaging and set a ringtone there for when I get a text.
I don't think you can have a silent notification. You can only turn off the notifications entirly in the app. What are you using for your emails? Maybe I can look in the settings more.

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Oh, I see what you're wanting. There MAY be a couple ways, though one is long and tedious but guaranteed to work, and the other is quick and easy but I'm not so sure about.

1. Quick and easy: download a voice recorder app if you don't have one already. Find a quiet place, and record absolute silence for 3-5 seconds. Set the recording as the default notification tone (this is where this plan may not work).

2. Long and tedious: (I'm going to use Gmail as an example, but these steps should work for any email client) open Gmail and press the menu button. Select more, then settings. Scroll down until you see where it let's you set the notification tone. At the top of the list is default ringtone, then silent. Select the one you want, then exit out of the app. Repeat these steps for all apps you want to not have a ringtone.
Great! I did the G-mail suggestion you had, and that worked. For my other e-mail accounts, I use K-9 mail, and they have a notification setting where you can set it to not make any sound at night time. I just set the night time time to effectively be all the time.

Then went to Text Messaging and set a ringtone there.


Thanks everyone!