help with battery tweaks


Jul 9, 2011
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Does anyone that uses the imoseyon tweaks on their phones also use or use instead the ROM Toolbox Pro from JRummy? Im playing around on Shuji right now and I know it comes with a modified version of ROM Toolbox. I bought the pro version of it when I was on Liberty. It was pretty nice, and now that the toolbox can be used on other ROMs, i have been reinstalling it.

I noticed in the toolbox you can modify the sysctl.conf. Are these the same tweaks that are done in the imoseyon tweaks or are there more tweaks that are added? I ask because I have the Motorola extended battery in which it seemed like I was getting better battery life before I started playing with the 2nd Init ROms. Once I made the switch back to .596 ROMs it seems like the battery is under performing.

Maybe its my imagination, i am getting like 15-20 hours with 2 hours of screen time with my extended battery. it feels like i should be getting more out of it. i have 1 corporate email account, 2 gmails , a facebook, and a twitter. no real streaming though I recently downloaded Slacker Radio. Some GTalk, some text messaging.

Would you guys say that is about the norm for an extended battery?

Another big reason might be I keep jumping to different ROMs every few days. There are so many good choices. Im excited to test out Shuji 2.0 and eventually Apex on .602