Help with a possible known battery drain - Social Messaging Service


Jun 25, 2010
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Hey guys,

I've had an ongoing struggle with my X's battery life, from day 1 with 2 different standard batteries to try until now with the extended battery.

I've tried it all and thensome and nothing has majorly improved my battery life. I won't go into number of hours I get or usage details or anything, but I have a question I cannot seem to find any solution to.

I noticed after I updated to leaked 2.2 Froyo that very often the 3g up and download arrows are both lit up and basically never turn off. After a few days of trying to figure out what it was (and using Juice Defender in the meantime to shut data off except for 15 min intervals), I think I've figured out what is causing the 3g data to often constantly be transmitting.

I went into the Battery History screen, left it set to "Since last unplugged" and went to "Network usage". In here, the bar for "UID 10012" is very high, almost all blue. Every time I exit the menu and go back into to re-check those data numbers, they are always increased after only seconds while the 3g data symbol is active.
Inside of the details for that are several built-in system app names. I tried stopping a few of these through the Applications menu of the phone where you can stop services/apps.

I finally have force stopped one (has worked several times now) that has stopped the 3g data instantly every time.
This one is "Social Messaging Service".

Every time I click the "Force stop" button within that app's info page in the Application settings of the phone, the 3g data arrows stop lighting up instantly.

Is this app related only to the Social Networking built-in app (which I don't use/need)? Is it tied to other things? Is there a downside to me stopping this?
I can't seem to keep it stopped and it seems to cause this 3g data issue every day at some time (multiple times usually - seems to happen again a few hours after I've stopped it). I think it is attributing to my sometimes bad battery life.

How can I stop this ongoing Social Messaging "bug" battery drain? Any help would be appreciated.
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BTW, the apps/services displaying within UID 10012 are:

Accounts Storage
Admin Notifier
Calendar Service
Contacts Storage
Contacts Sync
Email Engine
Motorola Storage Monitor
Policy Manager Service
Policy Manager Service (listed again)
Rich Clipboard
Social Messaging Service
Work Contacts

...And I'm tellin ya, every time I see 3G data going non-stop, I go Force Stop the Social Messaging Service in the Applications settings, and the 3G stops and the UID 10012 data count stops increasing.

How can I fix this?? I don't/shouldn't have to keep stopping this service manually every day to fix the problem.
You could root the Droid X and rename the SocialMessaging.apk file... That would prevent it from running.
You could root the Droid X and rename the SocialMessaging.apk file... That would prevent it from running.

I think I did this exact thing yesterday when I was renaming other bloatware. I will check after my phone is done deodexing.

But if I am right, it didn't change anything. :/
try the app taskpanel you add the programs to the auto kill list and it does it for you when they are running high
No you aren't supposed to use a task killer, most ppl (should) know that.