HELP! Think I messed up my droid!!

which antivirus?

I was running into some weirdness that cleared up after I uninstalled Lookout Mobile Security
I also had a lot of problems with Anti-Virus. Once I uninstalled it, my droid ran fine. :motdroidvert:
Because of the Linux base (much like Mac OS X with it's Unix base), it is tougher to infect an OS like Android. Antivirus programs will always slow down the machine they are on because every time a file is accessed, the antivirus program scans it before the OS does whatever action it was going to do.

This is 100% correct. The Droid is basically a Linux computer. All Android phones are. Virus protection is really not needed because of the way administrative tasks are handled by the OS. If you haven't rooted your phone, there's almost zero chance of you getting a virus. Even a rooted Droid has far less chance of being infected than your Windows PC does.

About the only way I can see getting a virus of any sort is deliberately downloading malicious software from the Market -- and the Market, as open as it is, is still secured enough to keep malware away. And even if malware did slip through, it wouldn't be long before it was discovered by the users and reported.
I don't know a lot about linux, but is an AV product even effective without being installed as a root process? Same with virus's (or probably more likely, a worm)?