leve wallpaper messed up phone.a

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Dec 26, 2010
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I downloaded and installed a live wallpaper called fractal by young. When I went to test itout my screen went black and a text box came up telling me to select my fractal. It didn't do anything. I decided not to apply this live wallpaper and hit the return button. The text box remained on my screen. I hit my home button and the stupid text box rremained floating. Over my icons.. I turned off the power and waited a minute. Then turned. It back on. When my droid turned back on I uninstalled the wallpaper. I hit my home button and noticed that along with my menu, return, and search button it did not light up when I hit it. I tried to see if there was something in my settings to turn the lights back on when I tap them but could not. Now they just don't light up when I tap them. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it? I even did an update but no luck. I am on a droidx. Please help. I want my buttons to light up when I tap them. Thanks.
Sounds like a rogue app. Has anyone made any comments in the market about it? Try rebooting again now that the apk is uninstalled and see if that does it.

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