HELP! Sync with Outlook only one way.


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Dec 10, 2010
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I have done my homework and searched for a soloution to my problem, and I have only found "similar" issues out there. I am running ActiveSync on my Incredible; syncing to my Outlook Exchange.

I am able to send and recieve emails throught my Exchange ActiveSync just fine.

The problem comes in with the calendar and contacts. I can create both calendar events and contact on my device. They will not show up in Outlook on my work PC (Outlook 2003). However, I can create contacts and calendar events on my work PC, and then will shortly show up on my device.

The bottom line is; it seems to be a one-way sync only; computer to phone.

I look at events that were created on the work PC, on my Incredible's calendar, and they are tagged in the "Exchange" calendar. When I draft a calendar event on the device, I do not have the option for the "Exchange" calendar, I only have the option of "PC Sync."

Needless to say, PC Sync does not put the calendar event into my Outlook calendar on my Work PC.

All that said, I am reaching out to anyone who can help! I am at my wits end with this. Like many people out there, I made the switch to an Android device because I knew they synced with Outlook!

Thank you! :)