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Jul 16, 2010
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This has been driving me crazy and i wonder if anyone knows the best answer...

I used a blackberry for years, now I have a droid x. I need my email delivered promptly so i have all of my email forwarded to gmail, its very fast..

Problem is this, i need to sync my outlook with the Droid and gmail as Outlook 2010 is my primary email application. i need it to stay that way too.

When i add new contacts with Outlook 2010, i dont mind syncing with the phone (as i did with desktop manager) AND Gmail. (this is new)

Is there an application that will do both??? Calendar sync between outlook and gmail will be nice too...please help...i had tried companion link and another 3rd party, but they dont seem to do everything, (outlook to phone to gmail)...also, i really dont want to pay $$$$

i am open to advice... thanks


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Dec 9, 2009
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Seattle, Washington
Calendar synch between outlook and gmail is a no brainer. (Though I'm not sure about Outlook 2010; I use Outlook 2007.) Simply log into your google gmail account on your pc and look under help for the synch application that runs on your pc to synchronize with outlook. You can choose the direction and whether it's a one way or two way synch. Once you synchronize with your gmail calendar, your phone is handled automatically.

As for getting your email on your phone through "push" notification, the fact that you're too cheap to pay for the functionality is somewhat limiting, but if you refuse to use "touchdown," try forwarding your Outlook email to gmail through the Outlook filtering and forwarding functionality. Once it has been sent to gmail, you'll see it on your phone.

Finally, as far as synchronizing contacts, that is the toughest. Touchdown may support it; I don't recall. Otherwise, I think you're stuck unless you choose to export your contacts periodically from outlook and completely refresh them in your google account.

P.S. You might try this utility for contact synchronization. Just happened to run across it with a google search.
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