Help! Screen is unresponsive!


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Oct 17, 2010
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So my screen has been flipping between working and not for the past week. When I took it to VZW the first time it stopped messing up and I couldnt get it to do the screen issue so they sent me away.... Today my phone's screen went blank and refused to turn on. I have a new phone on the way but it wont be here till tues since its a weekend. I prefer to not be phoneless until it arrives. The guy I called originally said there is a way to do a hard reset (apparently what will solve my problem) without using the screen. But the guy I worked with at the store couldnt do it with the screen so he sent me home phoneless.

Can SOMEONE please help me by explaining how or what I can do to hard reset my Droid 2 without using the normal power + x method. I have tried that and gotten the icon and the menu a couple times but i cant select the reset option or it goes black before I can do anything. I cant get into the normal screen to do the privacy> data reset option either.

Im worried about rooting or roms as Im sure I will have to send this one in once the new one arrives...

If you can help I REALLY appreciate it :icon_eek:
its a defect in the phone's proximity sensor. resetting the device of any method will not fix your problem.

the guy you talked did not know what he was yammering about.
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you don't need to get angry I simply didn't know which area would find me help.

does that mean that I can not get it to work?

I have the phone "on" but the screen wont turn on at all. I can swipe to answer but I cant see who is calling or anything.
yes its broke.

its a defect in the phone.

no you cannot fix it.