Help! Need to return Rezound To Stock


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Jun 25, 2012
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Hello, I rooted my Rezound and am using Amon Ra 3.13 (I think). Anyway, I think the phone has defect it heats to around 124 degrees F, seems to stay warm during use and the battery, both the stock and extended HTC , don't seem to last. Anyway, I lost my backup of stock due to using CWM at first instead of Amon Ra and I'm now running Newts One XXX 3RLS rom which I flashed the gingerbread patch from Scott's Rom to make it work. What do I need to do to get this phone back to factory so that I can send it back to Verizon? I've only had it since June 7, bought new from Bestbuy Mobile. I tried to get back to stock once before but I kept getting the version older error message during Hboot. I'm still S-On.

I'm a noob so a step by step would be great and thanks for any help in advance.