Help!! Losing Sound every 24 hours - Droid X2


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Feb 6, 2012
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I was talked into getting this phone by Verizon after my Incredible 2 crashed...

Anyhow...since I got this phone I have had nothing but problems...I literally have to restart this phone every 24 hours because I lose sound. I lose sound on everything, ringtones, media, apps, etc. If I restart my phone at 2:30 one day, I lose sound the next day at 2:30.

Also, I can't play songs unless I have my ear buds plugged in. It will play all other media, just not songs.

I have been to Verizon, they told me they could send me a replacement phone, but this is a brand new phone and I don't want to turn it in for a refurbished one, when I just bought it. The last refurbished phone I got died within 3 months and that's why I bought this one.

Anyone Have any issues like this? Any tips on how to fix it...I get sick of missing calls because my phone doesn't ring, and I shouldn't have to restart it every single day!

Thank you