HELP!!! I think I may have bricked my phone :(


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Jun 23, 2011
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So i just got my samsung fascinate. It was running really laggy so I decided to root it and install a different ROM. (Superclean). Rooting was successful. I installed ROM manager and downloaded superclean. I followed the ROM manager's instructions for installing the ROM. The phone rebooted once it rebooted I was faced with a white triangle with yellow exclamation mark and an android figure. I figured out how to get into the manual recovery. The only options I have are reboot system (if i do this I get stuck on the verizon wireless banner flashing), apply sdcard:, wipe data/factory reset, and wipe cache data. If I try to apply update. I get an error message saying E:Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk1pa (invalid argument E: Can't mount Installation aborted.
you don't use rom manager on a fascinate...they are a hundred threads on installin clockwork mod and roms on here
by the way, your not bricked

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You need to use the odin program on pc computer to get your phone back in a working state.

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