won't restore from rom manager!!


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Mar 12, 2012
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Can anyone help me out? I have a droid 1, stock rom, rooted (superonclick), and i was messing with it and accidentally restored to factory original. i had a backup on my sd card with rom manager. SO i re-installed the rom manager app and went to, manage and restore backups, selected the latest backup, restore? yes, reboot and restore your backup? ok, and it boots to the screen with the triangle with ! and the phone, i push volume + and camera button, ... and the options i get are; reboot system now, apply sdcard;update.zip, wipe data/factory reset (which is how i screwed it up to begin with), wipe cache partition, wipe baseband data. ok.. i would think i need to select "appy sdcard:update.zip" right? so i do that and it goes; install from sdcard... finding update package... opening update package... E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (no such file or directory)... E:signature verification failed... installation aborted. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!??? (it does the exact same thing when i try to install a custom rom)
What recovery do you have? Do you have a custom recovery? Where at on your sd is the update.zip? It should be on the root of the sd, not in a folder.
I have rom manager by clockwork. I'm really in over my head here but I guess thts how you learn! I don't know were the file is I just went thru the rom manager restore option...

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I dont know what condition your phone is in, but I think we can save it. Here's some stuff I used for my D1.

This is a life saver for the D1: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/dr...-using-rsd-lite-flash-sbf-file-correctly.html Once you get it set up & rsd lite recognizes your phone, you're good to go. You just need some files

This site has most everything you'll need: Sholes - Downloads

I would start by flashing the FRG83G sbf with rsd lite to get the phone working then reroot. But dont use rom mangler. I would only install the roms through recovery. Rom manager doesnt play nice at times.
Alright. Ill try it. My phone is working fine, it just somhow cancelled my service with pageplus.

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If your phone is working, what I posted probably isn't needed. You may need to contact pageplus. The files on Pete Alfonso's page I used on my Verizon D1. Not sure how they will work for pageplus customers. Proceed with caution using those files. Why I say contact pageplus first

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Ya I know, but I'm thinkin of going with a different carrier anyway (and a new phone!) and was tryin to figure out why I can't get a different rom to load.

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The problem is you did not first install clockworkmod recovery with ROM Manager before attempting to restore your backup. The ! inside the triangle the only seen with the stock recovery.