HELP! Droid4 Soft-bricked

I was in a similar situation, ended up going to Cables and picking up a "factory cable adapter" that allowed me to power the d4 even when there was no battery.

I was able to get into fast boot using that then flash the stock ICS rom.
Mind you, I was coming from Eclipse, so I douno how relevant that is, might be worth the ten bucks for the adapter though to give it a try.


Was able to find my old post on XDA, might be of some use to you, might not, you do this at your own peril.
[Q] Fastboot Flash Failure: Battery Low, Cannot Program - xda-developers

I gave you the solution for this =/

You gave me a solution to get a charged battery, I also managed to get a charged battery. I still am getting nothing out of the phone.