Soft brick to hard brick


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Apr 27, 2013
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when i soft bricked my droid razr m xt907 4.1.2
it wanted to stay in the fastboot menu. white screen with few options that at one point tried them all and didnt help at all,
i was still able to enter stock recovery (power+up) but again, no option would help,
i had downloaded and tried droidrazrutility 1.83... nothing but fail (i think it was wrong version)
i tried droidrazrutility 1.30... and it did not give me failed messages, but phone did turn off or, froze and have not been able to get nothing but black screen
wont turn on, no matter if i try normal boot, or fastboot and not even stock recovery.... a green light does come on (just light) but only if pluged in to computer or wall.
dont stay on long and tried all button combos ...NOTHING even tried leaving phone on charger for hours
if some how it is not bricked (im sure it is though) but if there is a way to fix the issue let me know.
I am sorry to say your phone is dead. A similar thing happened with my old Razr V3M a long time ago. I flashed it to Sprint using monster files. Then flashed to Verizon using monster files and then soft bricked. But one day I tried doing the Sprint and Alltel 1% trick and then hard bricked it and that was the end of its life. Then I got a new Razr V3M. Anyway I have the Razr M and I am currently trying to root my phone. I posted a thread on this. Anyone had success rooting the Razr M? I also tried to root my Casio Commando and then gave up. The only way you can "unbrick" a phone is replacing its motherboard. But if you do this you are technically just getting a new phone. Your phone is only good for parts now. You can sell your phone as parts online. Its touch panel costs around 100 dollars.