Help.... D1 no Service Problem


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Sep 20, 2010
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I have had my D1 for two years now and don't personally like what's out there now, so I really don't want to upgrade at this point. A couple of days ago, my phone just went to No Service (not connected to Verizon's network). I went through phone tech support, and in store support. No one could resolve my issue, even with trying to re-program. My last effort, in order to not have to upgrade, was to root my phone and load a new ROM and see if that might fix it. Many thanks to all the people on here and the support they provide, but I was able to root and ROM to GPA19 from BB with very little issues. I still am getting the no service with the updating of my phone. So my question to all is, does anyone know how to fix this? If not, can one of the multi-talented developers/programmers possibly look into this and see if they could come up with a solution......
I have done plenty of research, and it seems there is no solution. If you look around you might see an issue with going into airplane mode and not being able to come out of it without doing a factory reset (even though everything on the phone says that it is disabled). This is the case with my phone as well, although I currently have it off since it was something I was trying in my troubleshooting mode.. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated, and I'm hoping this might allow some of the people smarted then myself on here to get back to their roots, and play around with the phone that started this all!!! :)