Battery Drain on HTC Desire 601 by Google Play Services?


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Aug 14, 2014
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HTC Desire 601

I recently got a HTC Desire 601 (it's only about a month old). It has Android version 4.4.2. I noticed the battery sometimes drains really fast (like around 1% per 2 minutes), even when I wasn't using it at all. According to the battery history, the phone was being kept awake (even when the screen is off). I downloaded the app Battery Doctor and saw that Google Play Services was using up around 80%. I have tried the following to fix it:
-Restarting the phone
-Taking the battery out and putting it back in
-Force stopping Google Play Services
-Turning on Power Saver mode
-Setting the location mode to 'Battery Saving'
-Turning off Google Location Reporting & Location History
-Turning off Auto-Sync

None of those solution worked. I have pretty much the same apps and the same usage on my old phone and my tablet, and this doesn't happen on those. Please let me know how to stop the battery drain.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!
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Well, that was just way more consumption !! I would say if PlayStore is consuming most of your data then it may be because it may be updating your device services over the back ground. Tell me one more thing did you did you recently updated your device ??? I guess if you have recently updated your device then this may be the reason, what you can do is connect your device over the Wifi network plug it to the charging port and let update once the update complete I am sure the battery consumption will decrease down. Try doing it and let me know about it after a while.
I would try clearing the cache of the Google Play services app. Settings -- apps -- all -- Google Play Services.

I've also heard that 4.4.2 was having some wakelock issues as well, but have been since corrected for devices that were updated to 4.4.3 or even 4.4.4. So maybe try checking for an update.

If all else fails a factory reset may do the trick.