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Aug 19, 2011
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I recently traded phones with someone and the phone i received was a rooted droid x, it still has some of the rooted traits but is missing some parts for me to fully do everything i should be able to do. The opening screen is the android making love to the apple lol. Please help asap. The reason some are missing is because i factory reset it.
What would you like to do with it? Return it back to stock?
You need to sbf to go back to stock.

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No not stock. Just missing like root explorer. Text me 7653091749
Root explorer is a paid app in the market. I'm sure there is something free you could use though. Or even get root explore free, but try to support the devs when possible if you like the app.

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Super Manager is free. I haven't tried it personally but know a few people who swear by it :)

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FWIW, its 99¢ at amazon.

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Whaaat?! That's awesome! Root Explorer is worth wayyy more than that! :)

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