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Jan 2, 2011
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Virginia Beach, VA
Hello all. I am new to this forum, as well as android software. I have waited since July to get out of my BB Tour, and finally got them to chaneg my upgrade date, so now I have the D2G... so far I like it, but it is taking some getting used to. My biggest problem, is the same as everybody elses... the battery. My wofe has the D2, and hers lasts way longer than mine. I have to charge every night. The other day, I was on duty and almost killed it before the night was over. Today for example, took it off teh charger at 6am, drove to work. Checked my mail, FB, etc, then put it in Airplane mode. I checked my mail again at 9am, and put it back in airplane mode. I have my screen set to the dimmest setting, battery is set to custom(Off peake from 11p-5a, data off after 15 min), screen is set to timeout after 30 sec. So far it is still at 90% (5pm here) and I havent used it all day. I dont know much about "rooting" or any of that, but I miss the fact that my BB was insant notifications of FB, and email was always on where now, a lot of the times I have to refresh to get messages, updates, etc.

Anybody out there have a D2G that can help me get this set so that I can get great battery life (i would like to be able to be off airplane mode for over a day), get more "instant" updates on email/fb, and maybe tell me some of the absolute MUST HAVE apps, and what I dont need on here now?



My wife just got the droid pro from a tour and is having a heartattack as well. We found in the settings that the pro comes out of the box in global mode. First I would shut that off. You don't need both radios running.

At the end of her day (not at work as she has a charger there) she's looking at about 40% with all sync on and the nightsaver mode (which doesn't do anything as the phone is on the charger at night but I digress) we are going for the extended battery for her immediately.

Also, comparing the tour to the d2g is unfair. It has much more processing power and a touch screen and much bigger screen. My advice? Get a lot of chargers.

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