Headphone jack plays notifications, but not music.


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Feb 8, 2011
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A few days ago two things happened...I don't know if they are related, but they seem to be as I'm pretty sure they happened at the same time:

1) My Droid 2 Global started announcing, with a voice thru the speaker, every new email, and also started announcing every new text.

2) Music of any kind...Pandora, iTunes Top 100, music on the SD card, STOPPED playing thru the headphone jack. I can hear the music just fine thru the phone's speaker, but not thru headphones. What's weirder, I know the headphone jack is working because notifications DO play...I hear those same pesky voice notifications just fine with headphones.

I have checked cables, and have checked every notification on/off setting I can find in several different programs. I have also uninstalled a few programs from the last few days including Vlingo (which did have a setting to start announcing everything).

So I'm having two problems:

1) I want to STOP the phone from announcing incoming emails and texts, and

2) Re-enable the headphone jack for music.

OK...figured it out...it was the app, "Talk To Me"...it had updated a couple times in the last week or two, and in one of those updates, it decided to start announcing new emails and texts (I had originally installed it to announce caller ID, which it does well).

After I uninstalled it, the announcing problem went away...also, my headphone jack started working normally (this only after I powered down and removed the battery).