Having Problems with Godaddy Mail and Incredible?


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Aug 26, 2010
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I've had a tough time getting smtp mail from my Godaddy account on my new Incredible to send mail. I have No problem receiving messages,though.

Lots of searching around led to the solution,(wish I thought of this!) which likely is the root of most other smtp connectivity problems with Godaddy mail:
To fix this problem you "reset" the SMTP server.
Log in to your godaddy account. Go to "My Email Account". Click the email address you want to fix. On the next page pop in "Outgoing Mail - SMTP Relaying" pop up the menu from 250 per day to 0 and at bottom of page "Save Settings". You will need to wait about 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes, reload the page so your email addresses will become live links again. Go back in to the Edit Email Account page and pop the menu from 0 back to 250 and Save Settings.

*Note that the control panel for Godaddy Email Accounts may have changed appearance, so look for the "edit email" icon next to the corresponding email address. Open it - it will appear as a popup window with tabs across the top. Select the "advanced" tab and make the changes as explained above.

If you don't have smtp relays set up on your account, you will need them. Look for an offer to buy smtp relay packs on the web site.

Hope this helps!