Having Issues with Verizon email


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Jun 29, 2010
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I've had my Moto Droid for about 2 weeks and had installed my Verizon.net email fine. Then I tried the K9 app and it wouldn't work right so I removed it and then my email wouldn't load. So I removed the Verizon.net email and reloaded it. I've tried this about a dozen times with no luck, it goes through and I just get the same screen of loading messages with the circle spinning next to it. Any ideas? This is beyond frustrating.
Verizon seems to be having issues nationwide for the last 2 days. They haven't acknowledged this on their website but I have several clients that have Verizon and they can't send and/or receive email. I have moved many of them to Gmail in the last 2 days. If you can receive email setup a Gmail to receive your Verizon email.
yeah I noticed the problems on my desktop yesterday, but I've been trying to load the email on the Droid since last week with no luck?