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Dec 23, 2009
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Got the Droid a few weeks ago, and am totally frustrated with email. Easily set up account on Droid and email showed up no problem...for a few days. Then email just stopped showing up. Sometimes rebooting the phone would get email flowing again, sometimes I had to pull the battery.

Verizon tech support had me return the Droid to a Verizon Wireless store, where they replaced it with a new one and set up the email for me (though they did move my memory card to the new phone). It worked fine for about 7 hours, then email just stopped showing up again on the phone!

Going into email and refreshing does not help, it just shows the spinning circle in the upper right. If I go into email account settings and check incoming server, the progress bar just sits there filling back and forth, trying to connect I guess. The outgoing server is fine, it completes and comes back to the screen.

Totally frustrating. I can make calls in/out so the 3G coverage is there. I connected the Droid to my home wireless network to see if that would help, no dice.

The is ALL Verizon; the phone, the email account, the network.......I don't see what the problem is. I'm hoping someone on the forum has a solution. Thanks.
My suggestion is to download K-9 mail (make sure you get the full version and not the beta) The converged mailbox seems to have some issues on the Droid, but K-9 (for a majority of people) makes a world of difference.
Thanks, I'll try it. Do I have to remove the email app that is on the Droid now? And do I have to set up anything with my gmail account? I have a gmail account but never use it, I only use my account. Best regards.
No you do not need to uninstall anything, just remove your account from the e-mail system (so it is not downloading twice).

Gmail is separate completely and is unaffected.


You could just set up Gmail to import your mail and this way it comes to your phone via Gmail... then you wouldn't need to download K-9
Thanks, I'll give it a try. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)
I set up my account to forward to a gmail account, works great
does the verizon account sync right away with gmail? or is it every few hours? Reason I ask is because i synced hotmail with gmail and the syncing was very inconsistent...thx
There is no "push" of e-mail so your Verizon mail would also be every hour, just as your hotmail account was.
If you set up the verizon to forward to the gmail account, it should be quicker. On my droid, I sent an email from one gmail account, to the verizon account, which is forwarded to another gmail account. Did it 5 mins ago and still haven't received the email back, so I guess there isn't a real time push. I was expecing it to be faster... If you set up a gmail account to "fetch" from the verizon account, I would expect it to take longer but I havent experimented that way yet,

FYI you can config the options (on the gmail side) so you can send an email through the gmail account and make it look like its from the verizon account.

Edit: Just got the email 1 hour later
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