Droid 2 Email Not Synchronizing with Verizon


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Dec 15, 2010
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New Driod 2 user here. I set up the Email app that came standard on the phone with my Verizon.net email account.

The email inbox, as shown on the Droid, updates with new emails (which I can see from my PC) on the Droid. So that's good.

Problem: when I read and delete or move emails on the Droid, it does not happen on my Verizon account. When I logon to my Verizon.net email from my PC, the deletions, reads, and moves have not happened. Similarly, when I read, delete, or move the messages via my PC, these changes are not reflected on the Driod.

I can't find any settings on my Verizon email account or the Droid that could be affecting this.

Any suggestions?