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May 27, 2010
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Eastern Shore of VA
Hi- I've had my droid for a couple weeks- immediately my sent emails were received in "symbols"...factor reset fixed that...but then I was receiving email, but it wouldn't send from there.... so I set up another gmail account, and was reading my verizon mail, and responding via gmail. Clumsy workaround. But NOW...not receiving any I removed the 2 verizon accts and now "cannot connect to the server" I'm going to be reading the FAQs here first.....
Thanks to Hookbill

I actually followed your advice by reading thru the forum before I rec'd your response, thank you very much. I only have 2 gmail accounts because the first one was set up a couple years ago to satisfy my grandchildren, and the user name doesn't fit with my professional image!! Seems to be working now...again, thanks!

So now I need to read thru the forum some more because I can't get the MyMSN app to work- comes up and shows me all my contacts, but says they are all offline, all the time, and with the help of a friend, I know they are not all offline. AIM works fine now that I sent feedback to them to advise them that it too was not showing my contacts as online.

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