Having a Habit of forgetting mobile @home @office?? I forgot Mobile app can help you


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Sep 17, 2013
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With “I Forgot Mobile” (IFM) get Missed calls and text messages to your email inbox. If you have a habit of forgetting mobile in home, office, car etc. Then don’t worry Install IFM app and check Missed calls and text messages in your email inbox. Just your mobile should have access to internet either through WIFI or Mobile Internet.
1) Make sure your mobile is connected to WIFI or Mobile Internet.
You may never know when you forget ur mobile. In case if “IFM Switch” is OFF and you forgot ur Mobile. Just give two missed calls within one minute. That’s it “IFM Switch” will become ON and ur mobile will start sending Missed calls and Text Messages as emails. This feature is available only in PAID Version.
Only you have to configure email ids and select options whether you like to get emails of Missed calls, Text messages. Also you can get emails of Missed Calls and Text Messages if present in contact list.
1) If you are a traveller worried about activating international roaming which incurs some cost, effort and time.
2) If you are working in a secured site where mobile phones are not allowed.
3) If you are busy and forgot mobile. Going back and getting the mobile is hectic because of huge traffic or any other reasons.
4) If you are registering in online bank and activation code will be sent to your mobile. You need the code to be entered for completing the process.
5) If you forgot phone at desk and went to attend meeting worried about missing important calls and text messages.
6) In case if you lost mobile and if someone changes the sim in your mobile still you will receive emails to your email id. Till you uninstall this application.
If you are facing above mentioned problems then install IFM (I Forgot Mobile) and free from all worries.
IFM (I Forgot Mobile) has a rich UI and very simple to configure and ready to use app.
Options available:
1) IFM Switch (Free) : Switch off app to stop receiving emails.
2) Missed Calls (Paid) : If “On” sends Missed calls to email inbox.
3) Messages (Paid) : If “On” sends Messages to email inbox.
4) Contacts Only (Free) : If “On” sends Missed Calls or Messages only if present in contact list.