APP - Left My Phone At Home ?


Nov 7, 2009
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There is a new app for windows mobile phones that allows you to log onto a website if you left your phone at home and view your missed calls and TEXT messages! You can even respond to them or leave an away message in response.

I Left My Phone At Home (tm) | About

Is there anything like this for Android?
Droid owners do not leave their phones at home!!! But I bet there's an iPhone app for that. :icon_ banana:

(sorry, I couldn't resist) :)
I dunno, but I'm still looking for an option of setting up away text messages. Preferably, not for $4.99.
I use YouMail. All messages are emailed to you, and you can log in and hear them, as well. Customisable greetings for any number, including call dissing. ;) You get quite a bit for free, and then they have other stuff you can pay for.