Multi Tasking in Android with Smart call Control app


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Sep 17, 2013
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With Smart Call Control you will get full control on the incoming call either to Reject & Callback, Reject & SMS, Silent Mode and Vibrate Mode. You can select one option with a single click of your choice and sit back relaxed.
A Floating Widget will be shown on Incoming call with all the options. The widget is movable you can re-position the widget as per your need even you can close if you don’t need anymore.
Smart Call Control is intelligent enough to detect whether the Mobile is in Pocket or not. Accordingly it will hide the Widget when Mobile is in pocket to avoid unnecessary clicks. Once mobile is out of pocket the Floating widget will appear and you can select the option of your choice.
Where can I use this Smart Call Control?
1) When you are in an important meeting and forgot to put mobile in silent mode or vibrate mode. With single click you put the ringing mobile to silent mode or vibrate mode.
2) If you are driving and want to reject call and send SMS that you are busy and call them back later. You can do it in a single click.
3) No need to search for some hardware button on the mobile device as these buttons vary based on models. So you can’t react to the incoming call that fast.
4) Activating Vibrate mode when an incoming call arrives is not possible ideally with Smart call control you can do it easily.
Smart Call Control Options:
1) Reject & Callback (Paid version) – Reject incoming call and callback to same number in 20 seconds.
2) Reject & SMS (Free Version) – Reject incoming call and send SMS to same number immediately.
3) Silent Mode (Paid Version) – Click once to put in activate silent mode and click again to de-activate silent mode.
4) Vibrate Mode (Paid Version) - Click once to put in activate vibrate mode and click again to de-activate vibrate mode.
5) Close Widget (Paid Version) – If you don’t need widget anymore you can close it.
Stay tuned you will get more options added in to the widget…
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