Has this happened to anyone?


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Mar 26, 2010
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I have had my droid for 2 month and I make sure I charge it everyday, a few weeks ago I noticed in the afternoon when I went to check my email there was a message on my screen when I unlocked it saying to plug in the phone to charge because the battery was very low, I was chocked since it was fully charge a couple of hours ago and I did not use the phone since then, I figured maybe I turned something on that stayed on for the last couple of hours and drained my battery, I charged it and everything was fine.

Yesterday the same thing happened, I looked at my battery indicator and it was orange had the same message to plug the phone to an ac to charge, I turned the phone off before the battery ran completely dead and turned the phone right back on to see what apps. were running that was draining my battery in less than 2 hours, when my phone turned back on the battery indicator was green and fully charged and I left it on all day and night and it was still fully charged. I don't want to sound stupid, could I have a virus?
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You certainly dont have a virus. If you have anything, it's a battery that's on it's last legs, but I'd figure out what you have running that is killing your battery. Does the phone screen shut off properly? Is GPS only working when you ask it to?
GPS is on only when needed and only the apps. used are on. Could it be a bad battery afetr only 2 month?
You could have a bum battery, it's not outside the realm of possibility.
I don't see this as a bad battery. I have seen many threads on this subject, and most people say when that happens, they reboot and it solves it.