Motorola Droid (original) doesn't seem to charge


Mar 16, 2010
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Last night I fell asleep listening to music and I realized this morning I pretty much drained my battery. I didn't have time to plug my phone in a wall charger before I left for work and I'm trying to charge it using USB plugged directly into a USB port. The phone doesn't seem to be responding to anything. In the past, when my battery was drained, the phone at least turned on to indicate a charge. Today, there is nothing. Is this normal? I understand it takes longer to charge via USB so do I just have to wait that much longer to indicate a charge? Or do I have a bigger problem?
i've had this happen before, and a completely drained batt doesn't charge thru USB. you might have to plug into a wall charger.

also, how old is your batt?? the D1 batts are designed to generally only last 8-12 months. if it's older than that, and it won't respond to the wall charger, you may need a new batt. 5 bucks on amazon.
Thank you! I guess I have to go without my phone at work! How will I survive today?:)