Has anyone got Google Wallet working?


Jun 19, 2011
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I have the Razr HD on Verizon, obviously, and I'm rooted. So has anyone got Google Wallet working? I can side load easy, and root should help. I've heard Verizon requires a special NFC Sim card for their own Isis brand wallet to work, and have heard some say that Google Wallet needs that Sim card in order to work as well.

So what's the low down? Anyone have Google Wallet working? I'm anxious to get it working since I've started seeing Wallet ready readers showing up at checkout.
No desire too. Google already knows enough about me. They don't need to know my day to day purchase history
It almost whooped me but I have wallet working using X posed installer on VZW galaxy s4...love it! Only bad is have to pretty much go through process again when changing ROMs currently running RLs8