[GUIDE] No-Wipe Factory Image Restore for Verizon Galaxy S4


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Oct 11, 2010
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Thanks to XDA member open1your1eyes0 for this very handy guide that will help you flash 99% stock factory image for the Verizon Galaxy S4 overwriting every partition on the device back to stock. He modified the the factory image to keep all your data/apps/settings and internal storage partition intact! This method should help you restore from any soft-brick that you may encounter without having to wipe your data.

Minor Warning: Please note that if you had any special mods that you had to manually flash before or move on the system partition (like Google Wallet, AOSP 4.2 apps like camera and gallery, etc...) they will be lost as you are overwriting your system partition to factory stock. Please make sure to do the needful with your mods before following this guide (for example resetting the Google Wallet app).

Step 1 - Preparation

  1. Download and Install Samsung Official USB Drivers - Link
  2. Download and extract ODIN v3.07 - Link
  3. Download and extract the VRUAMDK Factory Image (modified with No-Wipe) - Link

Step 2 - Flashing VRUAMDK Factory Image

  • Boot phone into ODIN mode (See here for how-to)
  • Flash the VRUAMDK Factory Image using ODIN v3.07 ***in PDA section only*** (See here for guide on flashing)
  • You should now be able to boot back to Android and all your data should be intact exactly as it was

Step 3 - Restoring Root (Optional)

  • Just follow this guide again after you are back up and running: Link Here

Step 4 - Restoring Custom Recovery (Optional)

  • Make sure you are rooted first
  • For TWRP Recovery follow the steps in this thread (or download from Goomanager): Link Here
  • For CWM-based Recovery follow the steps in this thread: Link Here
  • For OUDHS Gesture Touch CWM-based Recovery make sure you have one of first two recoveries above then follow the steps in this thread: Link Here


Credit for this guide open1your1eyes0
Credit goes to sextape for providing the original VRUAMDK Stock Firmware (Original Source)
Credit goes to mrRobinson for assisting to modify cache file (via PM)
Credit goes to alexcolodner for providing filehosting (via PM)